03 January 2010

2009 in Pictures

Reflections on 2009.....in pictures and memories.....the things I enjoyed doing and the places I loved to visit....


The highlight of January was a weekend of hedge laying with my National Trust buddies at Threave in Dumfries and Galloway.  Learning a traditional skill, creating a hedgerow for the wildlife and a natural barrier for the cattle. It was easy to see why fencing is now the barrier of choice, the amount of work required to maintain a hedge properly is immense, but there is something satisfying about a natural barrier that can never be achieved by a fence.


In February I travelled to Lubeck in the north of Germany for a meeting with work, but I also had a morning to wander round this beautiful old city, with it's UNESCO World Heritage sites and beautiful architecture. 


Took a day trip to Glasgow in March. I spent 5 years in Glasgow as a student and I do go back quite often but usually for work meetings or shopping but this time I had planned to visit the Donna Wilson exhibit at the now defunct Lighthouse (sadly went into receivership late last year), Scotland's architecture/design museum, built around Charles Rennie McIntosh's Herald Building, with beautiful architectural features....I hope that they manage to find a good use for the building.


How to choose one photograph to represent 2 fantastic weeks holiday in Japan....it was a difficult choice but in the end I went for cherry blossom....with that most Japanese of past-times, the hanami parties, celebrating the start of spring, under the cherry blossom.


National Trust outings to Kellie Castle and Rockcliffe in Dumfries and Galloway, where we enjoyed perfect summer weather for working and relaxing. 


I spent a long weekend in the East Neuk of Fife with my parents in June. We stayed at my cousin's beautiful house right on the sea in Pittenweem and loved every minute of being surrounded by the sea, touring the countryside and enjoying each other's company.  You too can rent the pink house by the sea if you'd like - the details are here.


Hiking Ben Chonzie in the Perthshire Hills. 


A friend's wedding in Basel, Switzerland followed by a trip to visit the Aletsch Glacier.....as a geographer, touching glacial ice was an amazing feeling!


More weddings, this time in Greece, followed by 3 blissful days on the Greek island of Hydra, with only boats, donkeys and your feet for transport.


Spending a snowy Christmas with friends and family!


MSW Mom Jan said...

I so envy you ladies who live in Europe. It seems you go so many exciting places. I hope to some day travel beyond the USA. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us all and I love your photos!

painted fish studio said...

oh my! all those trips! i am green with envy. thank you for sharing!

Kate said...

I think I have said it before, but I love to see and hear about your travels. I might not be leaving Australia for a bit, but I can dream about where I want to go! A return trip to Scotland is so top of the list after watching The History of Scotland!

Dorit said...

also slightly green with envy here ;) but so glad I can get a glimpse of the world through your blog. Wishing you all the best in 2010!

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Woman! What a lot of traveling you've done this year! I want to be YOU! And I want to rent that pink house by the sea. I have some fun pics of TheManoftheHouse in what I think is Pittenweem -- such a pretty little fishing village. And that glacier picture is almost scary -- what if it broke off??? If I were your mother, you'd be getting a stern lecture about now LOL!

pien said...

quite a global girl you are!

nice reflection...

happy new year!

ibb said...

So many trips...I should do the same...but don´t have so many friends abroad to "stay with"...I think I should do more, country tourism...Beautiful photo collection. I wish you a travelling 2010 too.

Fei An said...

It is really a good year!!!

Arctic Mum: said...

I really enjoyed this tour. Scotland looks so beautiful, it's so much greener than Norway it seems.

Sylvie said...

Just before sitting down to read your post my young Marcel said, "There are so many places in the world to explore." Indeed! Lucky you!