01 June 2009

Woollie Weekend - Rockcliffe

I spent the weekend with the National Trust at Rockcliffe in Dumfries and Galloway, South-West Scotland and what a perfect weekend it was. The sunniest of the year so far and 23 degrees which was not the best for working, but when your working environment looks like this you can hardly complain......

We were participating in a spot of bracken bashing.....using a metal rod to break the bracken so that it sends all its energy to try to heal the break and therefore cannot grow as much. Over time (being bashed 3 times a year over about 3 years) the bracken dies off and new habitats for wildlife are developed - home to snakes, lizards, butterflies and flowers.

When we arrived at Rockcliffe on Saturday morning the tide was out and we were able to walk across the mudflats to Rough Island, but we were never so glad that the tide was in when we finished working so we were able to have a paddle. If I had had a swimsuit with me I would have been in for a swim....not something that happens often in Scotland. In fact I think the last time I was swimming in the sea was almost 5 years ago. Rockcliffe is a relatively undiscovered part of Scotland, but definitely one worth visiting.

Morning Views

Afternoon Paddle

We also got to visit Threave Castle - on an island in the river.....

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow. Your trip looks like a perfect weekend. Friends. Work. Beautiful weather. I really enjoyed this post. I clicked on your bracken link -- gosh, I've read about bracken in literature, but I didn't realize it's from the fern family. I'd always pictured it more like overgrown hedges or brambly type thorny stalks or something. I was really interested to read from your link that bracken has a carcinogen in it. Very interesting! Thanks for all the info. I LOVE your new banner too!