02 January 2010

Happy New Year

I cannot believe it is 2010 already. I remember 2000, spending New Year in Rome with my boyfriend of the time (he was Italian hence Rome) to celebrate the Millennium, listening to the RAI Uno orchestra at midnight and having lunch in a great little trattoria in beautiful Orvieto on New Year's Day. Now in 2010 I was in Aberfeldy with 13 friends for 3 nights making the most of the beautiful snow that surrounded us. It really was a winter wonderland of deep, crisp white snow and icicles. It was great to be able to spend New Year with so many good friends. I hope everyone else had a lovely time too!

Here's a few snapshots I took over the Christmas holidays in Falkirk (my home town), Edinburgh and Aberfeldy.

Winter Festival, Edinburgh

Ferris Wheel, Edinburgh

Callander Woods, Falkirk

Callander Woods, Falkirk

Sheep, Aberfeldy

Aberfeldy in snow

Birks of Aberfeldy

Birks Waterfall

Happy 2010 everyone!!


Anja, Anette and Fei An (the mother) said...

So beautiful, so beautiful...!!!
Admire you have so many friends. I am just busy with the kids:(-
Happy new year!!!
My best girlfriend is from scotland. I will show her your blog! She will smile:)

life in yonder said...

Happy 2010 Diane! My oh my how these last ten flew by. And they say it gets worse. One more reason to enjoy every day as best we can, don't you think? Looks like you are doing just that on you way down that hill. Love your smile.

Dorit said...

Wonderful white wonderland. Love your pictures. Happy new year! :)

painted fish studio said...

it's all so pretty! happy new year!

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful pictures Di! Thanks for sharing with those of us who love every peek we can get of Scotland. Happy New Year!!!

Manoute said...

Happy new year Di!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenery! I am happy that you had a great New Year with lots of friend.
All the best wishes for 2010

Tangara said...

That´s proper snow! Can´t believe Aberfeldy can look so different. I´m sorry I wasn´t there to push you down the hill. Feliz año!

Amy said...

Those photos are wonderful! Here's to a year filled with many more.

Stomper Girl said...

Stunning photographs! Especially that ferris wheel. Oh my.

Happy 2010 to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year :) I love your snow photos, especially the one with the sheep!

ibb said...

Happy new year! Love that plann...wish I could have had something similar...sniff.
Those photos are so funny...I would love to go down hill without brakes, hahaha

Elizabeth said...

The sheep are my favorite. Somehow they seem surprised to find themselves being photographed!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year !!!
I took a real pleasure to see all your wonderful photos here above ^ and your so lovely creations.