30 June 2008

Woollie Creations

Well, people seemed to quite like my kokeshi doll, Azami. Now I have a small list of people who have requested one, starting with my mum! I only hope I don't get bored making them before I can address the demand! Perhaps I will just need to start a production line!

I have finished the body, head, hair and face of a second doll and cut out the pieces for the kimono!

I have also knitted a towel for part of my friend's wedding present - it's one that has a button so that you can fasten it round the oven door handle.


Mirre said...

I love your kokeshi doll... the details are amazing!

mariannealice said...

Just as cute before she is dressed..I really like the simplicity of her shape...does you give them names?

Bethany Hissong said...

I'm feeling a bit guilty but also not at all surprised that your Kokeshis are in high demand!! ;))
I love the idea of a button loop to hang the towel! I don't know how many times I've dropped mine opening the oven. Very pretty!

ingrid said...

That hand towel looks familiar! :) Great work.