01 July 2008

Woollie - Some Reading

When working my way through the Telegraph magazine on Saturday (one of the best newspaper magazines about) I came across this article.  It's called Hearts and Crafts and it is all about the rise in independent designers teaming up with artisans to create unique handcrafted items of clothing. It includes Meher Kakalia who has shoes and boots created by artisans in Pakistan, Emilio de la Lorena who's company sells amazing hand embroidered  jackets - they embroidery so delicate, that one piece in the collection took 6 craftswomen 2 months to complete, and finally Marina Shlosberg collection featuring hand-woven Russian lace and shimmering Uzbek silks. 

The article puts the idea of hand made clothing to the fore and highlights a number of people fighting to keep traditional crafts alive.  It's certainly worth a read.


Alison Boon said...

It's good to see these talents beign given more credence again.

Bethany Hissong said...

That is wonderful! It is great that people are appreciating skilled craft again, and valuing the time it takes to do them, instead of quickly mass produced things. It would be nice to see more classes offered to people in the traditional crafts so that they keep thriving!

Ali said...

I read that article too (glad I'm not the only one whose weekend papers stretch into the following week). Good wasn't it.

taimarie said...

Thanks for the link- I enjoyed the article.

mogura said...

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Kristin said...

How refreshing! Thanks for sharing the article :)