08 May 2008


Went out to dinner on Tuesday night with my friend Andrea (after collecting the bag my parents managed to leave when they were staying at my cousin's house last week). Beautiful place, food unhealthy but oh so traditionally Scottish!



amy said...

oh gosh, my favorite food, with such an amazing backdrop!

Eva said...

hmmm...lovely dinner, didn't get around to having some last week so might have to come back for some :-)
was lovely catching up last weekend

Manoute said...

You must have been very popular with the seagull!

Bethany Hissong said...

Yum... food by the sea always tastes better!

Claudia said...

I think that it's perfectly fine to eat unhealthy food but with moderation! And if the place was beautiful...even better ;)

Charlie P said...

That looks goooooooood :)
I love love love love love love your converses in the post below but couldn't find them on the Schuh website :( They're beauuutiful.
Oh and thanks for the mist explanation- always wondered why it could be sunny 5 miles away but ALWAYS misty at home.