14 June 2007


I have been lucky!!! I am now the proud owner of 2 "Small People" postcards - Marianne over at Applehead made a fantastic series of Small People collages and many of them have been made into postcards which were for sale on her blog. I happened to comment on my favourite one - Jeremiah and his dreams of travelling to Antarctica - and lo and behold Marianne sent me a postcard of Jeremiah and another of Leila pretending to be a tree! If you haven't seen Marianne's beautiful and witty collages yet then head over to Applehead and take a look!

Thank you so much for your kindness Marianne!


taimarie said...

Those small people are amazing- I checked out this link. Lucky you to have a few. Will you frame them?

mariannealice said...

It was a pleasure to send them to you! Your lovely postcard was waiting for me this evening when I returned from my holiday north! Much pleasanter than the bills!Thanks!