12 June 2007


I have finally managed to do something woollie!! I have a brooch made of net, felt and beads and at the recent wedding in Stockholm someone commented on how nice it was so I decided that I should make some. Out came the sequins, beads and gold thread! Wait a minute - am I making a ballroom dancing dress or something a little more tasteful (sorry to all the ballroom dancers out there - just joking!!)

I just have to sew the top piece to the net and things will be finished!


Went wandering on Sunday to the Ochil Hills near Stirling so we could climb Ben Cleuch. Organised because it was supposed to be a glorious weekend and after the beautiful weather on Saturday we had high hopes. Then Sunday dawned, I opened the shutters in my bedroom and guess what I saw.......well it wasn't Fife - it had disappeared into the mist........so much for a beautiful day! We went anyway - in Scotland you can't let the weather put you off - it could be completely different five minutes down the road or five minutes later.

I think we just kept driving towards the rain on this occassion! But the walk was still fun - good company and green green countryside. One more soggy lunch!!

PS This is my 50th post!! Half way to 100!!


Tangara said...

Will you be sending a heart to Maria who first commented on it?

Eva said...

very pretty! and glad to see the good old scottish weather is still there :-)

sal said...

That's a lot of posts since I last looked (methinks you're cheating!) the brooches are lovely and the sweeties look yummy, enjoy your trip!

Zoe said...

Those brooches are very pretty. Do you use a special needle to sew the sequins?