08 April 2007


In Woollie terms it's been a slow week, however I have finally finished two pieces that have been a while in the making. The first is a little cardigan in summer tweed from Baby Bloom/Knitting for Two by Erika Knight. I love the dark green and orange together though I will admit that it was more a happy accident than design - the joys of things you find in the reduced basket at the yarn store!! Sometimes the things you find in there are just meant to go together. What is the reduced section in your LYS like?? In Twist Fibre Craft you'll find a big wooden box on the floor beneath the bookshelves and it's often full of wonderous things that lead to my stash growing too big for yet another box....on this occasion I had already seen the little cardigan and on happening across the reduced summer tweed I knew I had to have it.

The second finished object is a little woollie sheep - I am not sure if I am happy with it - once again I think my sewing techniques have let me down and he looks a little odd - but I am sure Mariana will love him quirks and all.

Someone emailed me this week to say that they had seen my yarn cards on the Twist Fibre Craft website and that then they had seen them advertised in Simply Knitting magazine......I was amazed. .... I had to go buy the magazine to see for myself - and there it was - a little photo of my yarn cards and a note on where to get them . It turns out Twist had sent them as samples to Simply Knitting and they liked them so printed them in the magazine!!

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