06 April 2007


Been so busy doing Italian homework this week that I have hardly achieved any Woollie! However, in honour of the fact that yesterday I passed my Level 3 Italian class I thought I'd do a photo montage from my 2005 trip to Tuscany. I had spent a day in Florence many years ago and have wanted to go back ever since to explore even further. There are so many things to see in Florence, from palaces, the Duomo with it's record-breaking renaissance dome, crossing the Ponte Vecchio to visit the Giardino di Boboli and Piazza Michaelangelo with it's view over the City - I also got to go to Fabulous Yarn Store which overlooked the river Arno and had a great selection of yarn and to the Mercato Centrale - a 2-storey food lovers idea of heaven, cheese, fruit, vegetables and the famous Florentine delicacy - tripe - and no I didn't try it!! We also took a day trip to Siena which I loved. This medieval city is so well preserved and history oozes from every corner!!

Mi piaciuto molto Siena e Firenze! Sono andata con mia amica Francoise e hanno visitato molti di monumenti!

More Woollie tomorrow!

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