09 April 2007


What makes a great spring day?

Blue sky, beautiful countryside, great company, sparkling water, lambs, frog spawn.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day - a hike was planned with good friends. We didn't set off too early but when we arrived at the car park in Glen Doll it was already packed - but luckily for us most of the people seem to conform to the stereotype i.e. unwilling to walk more than 20 metres from their car. We walked about 500m from the car towards the path before we realised that we were heading for the wrong path and had to turnabout and head back through the car park towards the correct path. Now, to see the irony in this, just let me let you in on a little secret - I have a degree in geography!!

We eventually started off up the correct path through the managed pine forest and on into the open valley, travelling alongside the bubbling river and across little wooden bridges to the waterfall. It was a good 8 mile hike with the wind in our faces and a spring in our step. I was getting into trouble for being too exuberant but it was just so nice to be outdoors feeling part of nature. And there have been a lot of jiggy frogs about - frog spawn everywhere!

Then it was home to go to my friend Mariana's 30th birthday (that's her and me below) party. She had come to visit from Bath because she wanted to spend her birthday amongst old friends and we were glad to have her back!! The party was great - my friends has cooked lamb (it was Easter after all) which was fantastic! All in all a good spring day!


sal said...

You do take some fantastic pics!

Tangara said...

Gosh I look like my mother with the short hair! It was a fab day...and it definately shows on your pics.