20 March 2007


Lucky day!! I came home to find a small lump in my doormat - a parcel!! What a surprise!! Thank you to my secret pal!! I was gifted a beautiful brooch made from a real leaf, some handmade stitch markers with the cutest little bees on them and Vogue Knitting's Baby Knits Two. It has the cutest little moccasins in it which I will have to make!

Still busy with the Baby Denims, both legs completed and thanks to my friend Andrea for helping to join the 2 legs together - now I am slowly working my way up the "diaper" area.


Managed to go out for a walk after work yesterday - it was cold but glorious sunshine and it is now light until 630pm. It seemed a shame after a day in the office to just go home. I walked to Baxter Park (see the snowy photo below) which is a Victorian park to the east of the city centre which has been undergoing a £4 million revamp over the last 3 years - the old pavillion has been reconstructed and looks like it will be an amazing place for a cafe or gallery, the park landscape has been restored to the Victorian hey day and it has my favourite tree in it - the tiniest little monkey puzzle, learning to grow tall slowly over the decades......

and tonight I was running with a couple of friends - again it was cold and clear but it was invigorating.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the little package! I'm planning your last one at the moment and have a little question:
Would you mind telling me your shoe size? (you have my mail address, right?)