18 March 2007

It's been a busy weekend! After a quiet night at home on Friday I went to my favourite knitting shop in Newburgh with my friend Cony, her boyfriend and his parents visiting from Greece. His mum is supremely creative and had a great time choosing fibre, silk, yarn in the knitting store. I saw my friend Andrea's sheep and reindeer for sale - they have apparently become little characters whilst sitting on a shelf in the shop and are often moving during the night so Laura and Peter have to search for them in the morning!

Today I went for a walk along the seafront in the wind - certainly good for clearing the cobwebs - the water was high against the promenade and it was funny to see all the reeds from upriver that had been broken off and floated towards the sea, getting caught up against the seawall. I knitted a little - two legs of the baby trousers are now complete and then I met friends for coffee and to go to see the film Becoming Jane- it's a biography (with a little artistic licence) of Jane Austen starring Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy - it's a nicely paced period drama.

And to end the weekend perfectly I just glanced out of the window and in the orange glow of the street light I can see that it's snowing!!! I know it won't probably lie - we're too close to sea level - but I love snow. Here's a photo I took on the one weekend we had snow last year!

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Corrie said...

ohhhh look at all that debbie bliss!!!!!!!!!!! I really got into knitting when I lived in london and took all the yarn for granted! over here we pay so much for good quality stuff and today I paid a fortune for the latest debbie bliss book!!!!