21 March 2007

Earliest Woollie

I have recently rediscovered (and reclaimed from my parent's attic) one of my earliest ever achievements in the "crafting" world. My mum allowed both my brother and I to choose a rug-hooking kit way back in the late 70s and after we had completed it (OK my mum had to complete most of it for me because apparently my skinny little wrists just weren't powerful enough to pull the pieces of wool through the holes) they got their friendly carpenter to make a wooden stool onto which my mum attached the rug. It had a lift up lid so it could also be used for storage. Now it is home to many balls of yarn living happy beneath my 3 smiley faces!

You should have seen the dry cleaners face when on recovering it from the attic I had to take it to be spruced up a little!! It certainly made them smile!!

1 comment:

dizzyjadey said...

How cute! I had a hooked rug made in my teens, too, but not as sunny happy as yours.

Thanks for your well wishes on the geezer. BTW, I only got into quilting late last year, once you get the bug its obsessive :-)