24 March 2007


Spring arrived today - beautiful blue skies and mild temperatures! It was a great day to be volunteering outdoors! This time my conservation work with the National Trust took me to the little village of Culross (pronounced Coo-Ross) on the banks of the River Forth in Fife. The village grew up as a small port in medieval times and traded with the Low Countries and Baltic States. Between 1597 and 1611 one of the local merchants built a "great lodging" or "palace" using money made from coal mining and salt production, and goods traded, with Baltic States and Holland. The village still has narrow, cobbled streets and many houses painted in different colours, including the bright orangey/yellow palace, with their crow-stepped gables and red pan-tiles so typical of the coastal villages in Fife.

We were working in the gardens which have been restored by the National Trust in the style of a 17th century garden - raised beds, covered walkways, crushed shell paths, herb and vegetable gardens. We were working on the upper area of the garden which we have been helping to create over the last 12 to 18 months. Today I was weeding the 2 scented lawns - it was a great task for someone who likes weeding (yes I love to weed - don't ask me to plant something but pull up a weed.....) because it smelt so good - the lawn is full of chamomile and really is scented.

It was good to be outside in the sun, hearing the squeals of children outside playing, seeing the sun shimmering on the river and the positive changes being made in the garden by 12 keen volunteers!

More Woollie tomorrow!


Kate said...

Gorgeous pictures , makes me want to be there!

Eva said...

Looks like a fab day!!

sal said...

Feel free to weed my garden! love the pic of chickens, see you at knitting!