03 March 2007

I've been taking part in Dawbis' Photo Week project. It's been fun and I am looking forward to seeing how everyone else "saw" their week.

Day 1 - The First Thing I saw in the morning - I have shutters in my bedroom so it's pitch dark until I open the shutters so the view from my bedroom window is the first thing that I saw.

Day 2 - Something I want to remember forever! This one was a difficult one - there are so many things - family and friends. But I decided to think more along the lines of something I don't want to ever disappear and so I chose a bookshop. Whilst Amazon is a great place I wouldn't like to think of a time when I couldn't physically visit a bookshop and flick through the pages of a new book....and finding something unexpected on the shelves!

Day 3 - My Feet (sorry it's slightly blurry!)

Day 4 - Take a photo of a stranger - I think I may have cheated somewhat here as I didn't approach a stranger but decided to take a picture of one of the builders who have been working on the building across from my office everyday for the last 6 months or so (it's the oldest building in the City and is currently being renovated into a youth hostel - you will even be able to stay in the room that the bagpipe maker inhabited a couple of centuries ago!)

Day 5 - My Lunch - grapefruit followed by homemade dhal and pitta bread - can you tell I made an effort for the photo! Better than my usual bowl of soup or a sandwich!

Day 6 - The Sky - the weather can change so quickly in Scotland and it was difficult to decide when would be best to take a photo. I decided on dusk....

Day 7 - Self Portrait - I cheated here a little too - a friend actually took it - but only because my camera has been playing up and only taking a photo every 10th time you push the button and my arm was getting sore - oh and because when I finally managed to get a photo I looked awful - surely the camera must have been lying! But this photo was taken on Day 7 whilst I was awaiting the band at a Salsa Celtica concert.

Day 8 - The Last Thing I Saw before entering my home - it's the moon - it's in partial eclipse! You'll probably just have to take my word for it as it doesn't look like much. But now I'm home and there is a total eclipse of the moon and it looks very red!


dizzyjadey said...

Hi! I found your link via Dawbis's blog on her "Let's Party" post. Looks like you had an excellent week taking photos. Great photos too, by the way.

Dawbis said...

I agree! Your photos are great. Thank you for playing my game! Mmm... btw, what is dhal? It looks so good!

Miss Scarlett said...

The bookshop may just be my favourite pic! What a brilliant idea. I hate to think of the demise of the small bookshop. There is nothing like browsing and holding the books in your hand. The overheard conversations in such shops are priceless too.
Great pic of the eclipse beginning.

wide-eyed said...

Wow, very nice view out of you bedroom window and the self-portrait is lovely!!!

lola said...

love your photos too, this photo project is a great idea to meet new blog friends indeed :) you know what, it's so funny i made an effort too to do my lunch for the photo!

taimarie said...

I love your photos, what a great project! I think the picture of the builder is my favorite!