28 February 2007


I went to knitting group at the local Borders again tonight. Its fun. We started at the end of January with about 8 people and last week we were 28! Not sure that the Starbucks Cafe knows how to cope with us all. There is an amazing range of knitting going on and it is so nice to gain inspiration from other people who share your passion and to see people proudly wearing or utilising their creations! From baby shawls, to a knitted mountie, yes really someone is knitting a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (much to my joy as I've been busy watching Due South DVDs) - it's all there for everyone to see. What is more amazing is to see the speed at which some people knit. I wouldn't classify myself as a slow knitter, perhaps a distracted knitter, but when I see what some people can knit from one week to the next I am almost speechless (and for everyone who knows me well that doesn't happen often!!)

Tonight I was making pompoms for a hat I promised for the daughter of a colleague in December and on Saturday they are off on their skiing holiday so with that final deadline in mind I got on with it! A photo will be posted tomorrow.


I wandered to our local arthouse cinema last night, the DCA, to see The Science of Sleep the latest film of either an inventive genious or someone on drugs - Michel Gondry and starring one of my all time favourite actors (and not just because he looks good) Gael Garcia Bernal. For a craft lover this is an impressive film, with all of Stephane's (Bernal's character) dreams being created in craft - cardboard, felt, sweetie wrappers - a true inspiration!

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Laurence said...

I should I've come to your blog earlier! Yesterday evening I've added the final touches to the mountie (at last), although I still have the mouth to embroid. I will have to knit his horse....