05 March 2007


Yesterday was a beautiful day! The type of day I love most in the winter - crisp, clear and sunny! It was definitely a good day for a walk and I headed off to the Arbroath Cliffs with a couple of friends. The cliffs are red sandstone and the wind and the sea over the centuries have worked hard to create a landscape dotted with caves, sea stacks and arches. Once past the cliffs you come to the sweeping Carlingheugh Bay and then on to the old fishing village of Auchmithie.

The features along the way have some evocative names - the Deil's Head, Seaman's Grave and Mermaid's Kirk. You can imagine stories of smugglers rowing small boats into the coves, guided by swinging lanterns and the fate of many a seaman crashing against the rocky shelf just off the coast.


taimarie said...

Lovely shots! and the names are so great too.

Dawbis said...

wow, can i live there?! hehe, so beautiful.