05 March 2013

Family Wanderings - my parents postcards from 1960s Norway

This post is really for all my Norwegian friends. My parents travelled to western Norway to go hiking in the early 1960s (1960 and 1962) and they have some marvellous stories to tell, from Bergen and beyond. They enjoyed it so much that they returned to Norway for their honeymoon in 1964 spending time in Oslo and on Oslo Fjord.

When I was home recently, in the box of family memorabilia I found postcards that they had bought on their travels along with the postcard my dad sent my grandfather from their honeymoon. This is their postcard from Stavern, a small town with about 3000 people that was home to a Norwegian naval base, where tourism plays a key role with the population swelling to 30,000 or more in the summer. If you look closely at the large white building on the waterfront, the Hotel Wassilioff, they drew a circle around their room (top left). 

The hotel is still there, if you look for Stavern on Google Maps you will see the Hotel Wassilioff still marked. It looks like a lovely hotel from the website.

My parents earlier trip to Norway took them to Bergen and hiking nearby. Here are some of the postcards that they bought on that trip. The first 2 postcards are of Bergen and the final one of the Flam Railway, one of the most scenic rail routes in the world.

Bergen 1960s

Bergen Waterfront 1960s

Overlooking the Flam Railway


Arctic Mum said...

I love that! Fun to see how things looked like in the 1960s. My parents married in 1964 too! However they were separated in 1986.

Thimbleanna said...

I can see the circles room! What a treasure you have in those postcards! I often wonder what treasures our grandchildren will find from us - with emails and tests, there's not much mail anymore!

Anne Marie said...

How fun! The Hotel Wassilioff was actully owned by a relative of mine back in those days and until very recently :-)

ibb said...

My parents travelled to Canary island in their honeymoon...no more travels...my father is a home man.
And looking at their photos is so...
Love those postcards, that show how time flies

likeschocolate said...

It would be fun to see contrast to skyline today.

jane said...

this was so much fun. thanks for sharing! :)

jane said...

this was so much fun. thanks for sharing! :)