17 March 2013

75th Wedding Anniversary

Today would have been my grandparents 75th wedding anniversary and as I promised in my earlier post about the dress and its origins, here is a picture of me wearing my grandmother's wedding dress before showing it off at a wedding dress through the ages fund-raising event.

The event was held in a local church where dresses from 1881 to 2011 were being modelled. The dress from 1881 was being worn by the great-great grand-daughter of the bride, whilst I like others was wearing my grandmothers and others were wearing their mother's dress. The dress from 1882 was so tiny that a 12 year old had to model it. It was really interesting to see how dresses have changed over the years, from colour to style. There was even a trouser suit from the 1970s.

This is me in my grandmother's wedding dress, veil and all. It's not the best photo because I had to use the self-timer to take it - sorry!

This is the top of the head-dress. The veil was attached to a silver tiara style head-dress and was decorated with silver Belgian embroidery.....truly beautiful.

Now the dress is back in it's original box, but really could do with some love and attention, or conservation....it has a hole under the arm and the veil is so delicate that the net rips very easily. 


Karen S, Lykkefanten said...

It's a very beautiful dress, and it suits you (if I may say so) ;)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Di -- it's GORGEOUS! It looks like it fits you perfectly. Very, very pretty!

Bethany Hissong said...

Lovely! It is so stylish even for this time period. And I agree with the other two comments-- it looks like it fits you perfectly. I saw a show of wedding dresses at the Philadelphia Museum of Art last year and yours is just as beautiful as any in that show! The embroidery is so gorgeous!

Anne Marie said...

What a BEAUTIFUL dress!!! And it fits you like a glove.

Mrs.G.H. said...

Your Grandmama's wedding gown is just exquisite and you look beautiful wearing it, she must be quite a girl!

sonoko said...

Dear Di
Thank you for your warm thought.
I am happy to make friends with you through our blogs.
I love your grandmama's wedding dress,and you are so gorgeous !