12 March 2012

Hampton Court Palace

Whilst in London we went to visit Hampton Court Palace - originally built for Cardinal Wolsey who was a favourite of Henry VIII from 1514 and then in 1529, Henry VIII himself moved in. Then Sir Christopher Wren (architect of St Paul's Cathedral),  the most famous architect of the time, designed a wing for William III and his wife Mary in the 17th century, with much of the original Tudor palace being destroyed. Amazing to be surrounded by so much history, wandering the King's chambers....the kitchens....the gardens.

It was a gloriously mild summer's day - lunch outside in the sunshine in February - almost unheard of!!

We also took a wander through the maze.....planted sometime between 1689 and 1695....of course the hedges have been replaced, in the original layout, many times since!


Arctic Mum said...

I've been there! I love castles, especially British ones, and I used to try to visit as many as I could - and get a cup from there. Always a cup. Need to get back to that routine again.

Thimbleanna said...

It looks beautiful Di. Thanks for a very timely post -- I've never been there, but it's on my next visit list!!!

Bethany Hissong said...

The brickwork is amazing! Well, the whole palace and courtyards are amazing! I really hope to visit a place like this someday... I am in awe! And I wanted to tell you that your hair is really cute! ;)

Christine Laennec said...

That looks so beautiful, thanks for the tour. I visited the maze with my family as a girl and got really terrified when we got separated inside!