03 July 2011

Woollie Weekend

It was a glorious day.....one of those rare days in a Scottish summer when the sun shines all day.......and all seems right with the world.

St Monan's Harbour - here's what happens when the sun shines and the water is a balmy 14 degrees!!

After the walk from St Monan's to Pittenweem we had to stop at the Cocoa Tree for a snack - amazing raspberry milkshake.....hmmm......

Renovation in St Monan's has led to the creation of the East Pier Smokehouse, open again for the summer - took a peek inside - smelt amazing and you can buy smoked salmon, langoustine, garlic, fish..... definitely worth stopping by - open Saturdays and Sundays.

Day was ended with a BBQ at friends. It was still glorious at 8pm!


ibb said...

That´s look a perfect sunny weekend!
The views of the village are really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the quintessential perfect weekend. Lots of sun, friends and good food!

la ninja said...

unbelievable, isn't it? "......and all seems right with the world" reads so familiar.
I wish I could ignore the weather and not let it interfere with my moods. alas.

(p.s. smoked kipper, I need smoked kipper now!)

heather said...

your weekend sounds absolutely dreamy! wish i could be your running buddy! i absolutely love that first photo!!!

Bethany Hissong said...

You come from such a beautiful and delicious place!!!