29 June 2011

Japanese Goodies

A friend has just been on a tour in Japan for three weeks and had a fabulous time - Japan is open for visitors and they were most welcoming. Andrea said that many Japanese were coming up and thanking them for visiting - so if you have dreams of visiting.....now is a good time to put your faith in Japan.

Andrea took some of the yen I had leftover from my trip and bought a few goodies for me...... 

This book is full of adorable toys to make- but of course I don't know what it is called. It's ISBN is 9784471400620.

I love the camels' legs and the giraffe is cute too!

Fabulous folders from the amazing Itoya -  stationery heaven!

When I had friends over last night Andrea brought round a range of Japanese Kit Kats in the strangest of flavours for us to taste - Cherry Blossom, Green Tea and Wasabi Kit Kats - amazingly they were all green!!

Thanks Andrea for the reminders of Japan!


Bethany Hissong said...

That book is just too cute! I am dying to know if the Wasabi candy tasted good!!

Thimbleanna said...

Wasabi? Ewwww??? Not sure I'd want to try it LOL -- it was probably good tho? Looks like you got some wonderful goodies!

kiko said...

Hi Di!
We just booked a ticket for my 9 yr old daughter to go visit Japan this August!!! She will be flying solo to visit my parents. I love all the goodies you got!! The book is called "Nimai Awase De tsukuru Kawaii Nuigurumi" Roughly translates, "Cute stuffed animals made from two pieces of fabric sewn together".

ibb said...

Green kit-kats!
Love the colours of the cloth...beautiful!
Japan is in my list...but not sure about holidays in this moment

heather said...

haha, how interesting--green kit kats! they sound way healthier than ours!

sonoko said...

Dear Di
Thank you very much!!!
I am sure your post is a wonderful present for all of Japanese.
I have not yet eaten green kit kats.I will look for them!