13 February 2011

Wandering Scotland

I went to Edinburgh Castle today, perched mightily on a volcanic rock, overlooking the city. With my annual membership of Historic Scotland, entry to the castle is free and whilst I enjoyed my visit, I must admit I was relieved that I didn't have to pay the standard £14 entry fee - I think I might have been a little disappointed. Anyone planning on visiting Scotland - take advice from the Scot.....if you really want to see a great castle visit Stirling Castle

Take a walk to the esplanade of the castle in Edinburgh and have a look, but for views over the city climb Arthur's Seat for free and then catch a train to Stirling and visit the castle there. This summer, the culmination of a £12M restoration project , will open at Stirling Castle. The Palace Project will return the six ground floor apartments in the castle's Renaissance palace to how they may have looked in the 16th century. This has included a wide array of traditional skills - creating magnificent 4-poster beds; heraldic decorations on the ceiling; carved toy soldiers 4.5cm tall; the creation of 7 tapestries to decorate the Queen's Inner Hall and more.

The castle has recently created a gallery to house the Scottish Heads.....33 carved oak medallions which once decorated the ceilings of the royal apartments in the castle, carved with the faces of Scottish kings and queens. 

The castle has already seen the successful renovation of the Great Hall, the largest banqueting hall ever built. It was built in 1503 and restored to its 16th century glory in 1999. 

So, I enjoyed Edinburgh Castle, but really can't wait to be back here extolling the glory of Stirling Castle.  


Donyale said...

Edinburgh Castle is lovely (but 14 quid is a bit steep)...Is that the plaque dedicated to the wee doggy in the first photo?

I look forward to seeing photos of Stirling Castle - when do you go?

Thimbleanna said...

I loved both castles when we were there, but I agree with you -- I am a bit partial to Stirling. Mostly because of those gorgeous tapestries! Surely, they're not done with all 7 yet are they? I think they were working on the fourth one two years ago when we were there.

Bethany Hissong said...

It is always interesting to read about your trips and to get an "insider's view" of what to see. I hope to visit in a few years and I will have to ask your opinion about everything to see!

ibb said...

I know both of them...they are big and incredible, but prefer those little ones, one can find in the north...more "romantic"

Fei An said...

Thanks Di, to your always encouraging and warm comments!
A little bit busy these days. Will come back and read your post later.

la ninja said...

gracias for voting/posting, lurvely.
well, I have to say I fell in love with edinburgh the first time I set foot on it, about 23 years ago (ouch! that long? :) and went to see a military tattoo there too (when I was 16)

big fan of scotland in general, really. haven't been in a century. uff. time to go back. soon.

la ninja said...

tattoo on the castle, that is.