19 July 2009

Weekend Wanderings

Summer weekends, long hours of daylight allowing us to get outside and enjoy it.....

This weekend was a summer weekend (it's July after all) and a weekend of grey and dismal skies....but fun was had regardless. Saturday was spent with friends at knitting group in Newburgh and then a late lunch in St Andrews in our favourite bar....the Westport - great food. I had lamb moussaka with feta cheese sauce, Louise had butternut squash curry and Andrea a lamb and mint burger.....delicious. 

Today I went hiking with some friends from National Trust - we drove to Loch Turret reservoir and took a 22km (11mile) hike up Achnafree hill (a corbett) to Ben Chonzie (a munro) high above Loch Turret. We saw grouse, woodcock and hare a plenty (apparently the hill is famous for them). We had sun, wind and rain every 30 minutes or so, beautiful views over the loch and surrounding hills and at the end of the 7 hour hike I was definitely grateful to get my boots of!

One view from the top

Another view from the top over Loch Turret

Some of us at the top


ibb said...

Beautiful photos of the top. Love that green. There is not a colour like that in other place.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful views... Makes me long to visit Scotland again soon.

Manoute said...

Beautiful! Typical Scottish weather ;o)

Bethany Hissong said...