21 July 2009

Swimming Pool Blankie
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I'm almost done on another little blankie......just a couple of small details to complete and a handle to attach.

This one has a summer theme, I was inspired by a softie that I saw in Small Magazine - I decided that there would be nothing better in the summer than lounging in the pool with the sun shining. I enjoyed making this one so much I think I will find it very hard to part with. The little rubber ring is a reminder of my own childhood ring - mine was turquoise with white spots and the ring is stuffed a little so it feels inflated.....his goggles have got silver thread so he looks like he has bug eyes and the squeaker is in his tummy. There are little ripples of water where he has dipped his toes and fingers!

I already have plans for the next one - this time with a little girl in a red and white polka dot swimsuit.

However, I have been commissioned to make a blankie for Twist Fibre Craft - they have all sorts of samples of things made with the items they sell and they decided a little blankie using their pre-felt and their wool felt would be ideal. I already have an idea for that one..it will contain some sheep - what else would a blankie for a wool shop have on it?

Oh and this is my 300th post!


Kate said...

Love it! You make the most perfect blankets!

Guusje said...

Sooooo, cool! I love blankets!

nicolette said...

Love this blankie!! The themes are getting better and better!

Congratulations! 300 posts, quite an achievement!

Bethany Hissong said...

Congrats on the 300th!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your summertime blankie!! And I love the idea for your next one. You outdo yourself every time!