26 May 2009

Weekend Wanderings 

What a Difference a Day Makes - or in the case of Scottish weather, what a difference 5 minutes makes!

I went to a hen party on Saturday. We went to Tentsmuir Beach for a walk. It was grey and wild but it didn't stop us.

We had fresh local strawberries and pink champagne to celebrate! Carrying that tray of wine glasses from the car to the beach was fun!

On Sunday the sun was shining so I decided to go to Elie for a walk along part of the Fife Coastal Path to Shell Bay and it was blue and blowy but nice enough to put my feet in the sea for the first time this year! There were lots of kids playing on the beach - we're hardy lots us Scots - 17 degrees (63) and people were in the sea and digging in the sand!

I also managed a little crafting, just a little! I wanted to post my dolly for the Craft Hope exchange and made a slight addition to her before I packaged her up! Can you see the little addition?

I found the Black Apple doll pattern really easy to make and a lot of fun. If you've never tried to make a doll before then it is a good one to try.


Eva said...

what a difference indeed!! thanks again for all the fab surprises...it was great, seeing you...catc up soon

Jade said...

she is so lovely di! and your weekend looks terrific!!

tine said...

Oh she looks perfect just the way she is!!! Love the heart you gave her!!!!! So so adorable! She also looks soooo soft :)
You could make her a little blankie, too!! Do you still have my address by the way???

melissa said...

what a lovely little doll! i must finish my offering to 'craft hope'. the wild and windy scottish beach looks beautiful.

That House said...

Dear Di,

I want to thank you for your beautiful pages in my book!
My travelling journal has now returned home to Sweden after her long, long journey around the world. (And - oh my! -YOU have been travelling too!!)
Now you are welcome over to my blog at thathouse.blogspot.com for a greeting from Hedvig and me!

(From how many have you been receiving pages for your journal?)


Tangara said...

wish I'd been there for some pink fizz! xx

Thimbleanna said...

What a fun group of hens you belong to -- I can't imagine anything more perfect than strawberries and champagne on the beach. How exciting. Your little doll is really cute -- don't squish her too much in the box ;-).

Mary Ann said...

Love your sweet little dolly!!!
Have to make myself one of these!!
All the best!