16 March 2009


I had a quietish weekend seeing friends and doing a little crafting. It was nice to have some slow time to just relax and watch the coming spring. I went to St Andrews on Saturday with friends, it was clear and the sky was blue but the wind was cold, reminding us that winter was not quite done with us! However, it didn't stop us from having our first outdoor ice cream of the year from Janetta's famous ice cream shop! I had coconut and banana - difficult choice with 52 flavours on offer. Here's the view from our happy munching!

Please ignore the slightly blurry left hand corner - there was rather a large finger print on my lens.

I also managed to post of my latest baby blankie. It's for Sam over at Spiritual Knitter, with a piggy theme! Hey Heidi, I hope it arrives safely soon!

I also started my next knitting project. I have been awaiting the arrival of this book for a while and I must admit I was not disappointed when it arrived. I like the bizarreness of the patterns (OK some are even a little too quirky for me) and the design of the book is simple and effective, each creation having it's own character. I can see myself knitting a few. 


My first knit is Aggie Bear...... "Aggie is always doing washing - as soon as she has got one lot ready and dry, another load is ready to be washed. She does the washing for the whole neighbourhood. Sometimes she dreams of getting a new job."


Thimbleanna said...

Well, where were you when we were at St. Andrews last fall??? I needed that ice cream shop LOL! I loved wandering around those pretty cathedral grounds, although I don't think our day was quite as pretty as yours!

Heidi said...

Oh, I can't wait! I haven't gotten to the post office yet. Probably Monday. So felt is on its way soon!

mariannealice said...

I hold you entirely responsible for my purchase of three (!) books just now online! Really, you have to think before you go posting links to irresistable books and making it just a little too easy for me...(and thanks!)

Bethany Hissong said...

That book looks like so much fun!! And you just made me so hungry for ice cream!! Can I be you for just one day? ;)