24 June 2008

Woollie Weekend

We are almost half way through the week, the weekend seems like a distant memory, so better post about my wanderings before I forget altogether!!

I went to the Royal Highland Show on Saturday with friends, the premier fixture in Scotland's agricultural calendar (so Wikipedia says) - lots and lots of livestock and tractors along with a wide range of food and lifestyle products/activities. It was amazing to see all the different breeds of animals - believe me cows can be huge!!

I saw the woolliest sheep in the world - I just wanted to lie down in it's deep fleece - it was almost as wide as it was long - a Jacob's sheep - cream and brown spotted fleece with big horns. I saw a British Longhorn cow, one of the most primitive breeds around, with horns 140cm from tip to tip. We watched the heavy horse turnout with the large clydesdale horses pulling carriages and the young farmer's clubs annual tug of war competition - all before the heaven's opened at 530pm!


Karen S said...

looks like it was loads of fun. I love the pictures of the fleece on the hoof!
Hope you enjoyed the day before it got too wet.

Anonymous said...

I haven't found Azami in your blog. Azami is beautiful !!!
I come from Bethany's blog... :)

risa said...

oh! the wooliest sheep in the world! how cool!

Charlie P said...

What a grand day out! The woolly sheep makes me very happy :)Was is ACTUALLY the world's woolliest sheep i.e. in the Guiness Book of World Records or is it just the woolliest sheep you've ever seen? Hope you bought some of that fudge.

p.s. If you want to send a giant cookie out to Germany to protect Fred then I'm not going to stop you :D Mmmmmm...