09 October 2007


Day 2 of Green Jello's photo project is "fun" in the neighbourhood.

Fun in my neighbourhood is very dependent on being with my friends and relaxing in good company. The weather here in Scotland often scuppers plans at the last minute and you learn to be flexible when creating your fun. Snatched barbecues or picnics are often the best fun of all and you often have to not let the weather put you off - as comedian Billy Connelly once said of Scotland "there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!"

Today was not a good day for outdoor fun - the skies were laden and grey and the rain was falling and it has helped to shape this post. It rains so frequently here in Scotland that we have a great number of words for precipitation (a bit like the Inuit and snow) - dreich, smirr, rain, drizzle, plowtery, we could have a damp sea haar or a thunder-plump, a gandiegow or a sump and it could be raining auld wives and pipe staves making us all drookit!

Fun today - cycling to work or lunch in City Square:

Fun on other days: Picnic in the park, hiking in the sunshine (sorry, did I say sunshine)!


Chik Austin said...

I love Scotland and your pictures of the city centre! And I can totally relate to being dressed wrong for that type of weather. I'm a flip flop type of gal, simply because the Texas weather begs you to wear flip flops.

By the way, I'll work on getting that 'geezer' shot for you!

Marjorie said...

You make me want to visit Scotland! someday... Rain or shine it looks like fun :)

j said...

you're a hardy crew, and that's good.

that photo of the lone bicyclist in the rain is very good.

they're all good! but I like that one. reminds me of New England.

and it is true that the right clothing makes all the difference. you need your jumpers and mittens and scarves and hats--all woolies.

Bethany Hissong said...

I loved hearing all your phrases and words for rain!! I'll have to share this blog with my kids tonight! I didn't realize I missed your post yesterday. I can relate to wanting to be near water... I lived by a lake growing up and now...no water! And no rain lately!!

Anonymous said...

another rain dweller! Hullo.

Raine K said...

Great pics and post! I used to live in Seattle - another place with many names for rain. Even in the summer you always make sure to have a jacket with a hood.

Uschi said...

Truely, I would have some problems to live in a region where there is so much rain. But true too: I live in a region with much rain ;))And there are only SOME days, where this fact turns my mood to the cellar.... And with a bunch of friends it is- truely- not important :)))

dizzyjadey said...

I like that you have so many different words for rain...he he he.

Also, I've tagged you for a meme on my blog. Hope you don't mind!

Melissa Goodsell said...

These are great photos. It's been raining here in Tasmania too this last week.

Louise said...

any excuse to go snapping a pic of a young man's bottom and some calf muscles in action eh Di?? hehe ;)

PS I've been quite excited about the rain this week actually, I'm hoping it's going to persuade all the Tentsmuir porcini to grow just in time for a weekend mushroom hunt. Scotland wouldn't be so lovely and green without all this rain.

randi---i have to say said...

Even in the rain it looks like things are fun around your place!