01 August 2007


I have been making little booties from a pattern over at Saartje's Blog. I made some adaptations having just one strap instead of 2 - very clever I thought, until I realised that I had managed to create 2 left feet!! Both the buttons being on the same side! Now do I knit another pair of booties and make them both for the right foot, or unpick them and redo the top - or I suppose I could just knit 1 more right foot and throw one of the left footed booties out!!

I made them with some beautiful alpaca that I got from Woolfest.


My mum is also a manic knitter but generally she only knits one thing - Christmas stockings - they are truly beautiful and each one made unique by the inclusion of a baby's name at the top! Everyone we know who has a baby gets a stocking - she must has knitted hundreds over the years! My aunt in the USA made the very first stocking for my brother when he was born 40 years ago this year and my mum knitted her very first stocking for me when I was born!! I've had it every Christmas since! A true family connection!

Here is the stocking that my mum made for my friend's baby Beatriz


Heidijayhawk said...

so cute!!! love em! and the stockings are awesome!

Kate said...

Love the booties - need to add them to my list of things to do - like the idea of one strap.

taimarie said...

Those booties are so cute- don't throw one out! I say make a 2 right ones- I bet there are lots of babies that would love to have a pair of those sweet little shoes! And thanks for the link, Saartje has some lovely patterns.