18 June 2007


I am off on my wanders tomorrow! I am praying for better weather than the forecast is predicting!! As long as it doesn't rain too much I'll be happy!! I have a conference in Norway - 140kms south of Oslo where I will be going to spend a happy 48 hours wandering museums such as Fram Museum with Amundsen's ship that took him to Antarctica - this has special resonance for a lass from Dundee because his competitor, Captain Scott's ship, The Discovery was built in Dundee and is now a museum in it's own right here in Dundee. I will also visit the Viking Ship Museum, the Norwegian Folk Museum and Thor Heyerdal's Kon-Tiki Museum. Do you think I can manage all this in 48 hours!! It is midsummer, so I am sure it will be light most of the night and there is a free music event and fireworks on the Friday night which I will go along to!!!

Normal transmission will be resumed shortly!!


Eva said...

have a great time!!

Kate said...

More wonderful travels! Enjoy, can't wait to read about them.

risa said...

sounds fun! bon voyage!!!

Tine said...

How exciting!!! I have been to both museums when I was 12 and have fond memories. Oh how I envy you to be living in Europe, I miss it so much. here one can't get anywhere at all it's one massive country. Quite frustrating.

Have a safe trip!!!