06 May 2007


I have been busy this week and knitting has not been the cause - too much time spent with friends!

But I have been lucky enough to receive my last knitting parcel from my SP - thank you Javede - you spoiled me!! Photos of goodness below - including a beautiful self-made bag for my knitting and a mathcing needle roll for my double pointed needles.

I also ordered some Swallow needles after a recommendation from Little Cotton Rabbits and I have to admit that I am enjoying using them. I ordered the 23cm long needles as I am planning on using them to knit toys and they have proven to be flexible, comfortable to use and come in some great colours!


Teddy Bear - still knitted, still unstuffed
Pirate - trousers, jumper, hat, half a body knitted
Unicorn - all limbs, body, horn knitted


julie said...

Hi again Di...just wanted to let you know you have been tagged!! :)

mariannealice said...

I just love my swallow needles as much for the colours as anything else...and they don't snap as often as my beloved vintage plastic collection ( and I can well beat your 32 pairs!) I have recently become addicted to Addi bamboo circulars...so lovely and smooth to work with!

mariannealice said...

and now I've just realised that you've been tagged already by Julie!Oh well, nice to be a popular girl isn't it?!

javede said...

I'm so glad you liked your last package! It was really fun making things for you.

Mind if I "steel" the bag picture? Totally forgot to take one before I send and I like to catalogue my priojects online so I remember what I did.