03 May 2007


Last weekend there were plans for a picnic and a bit of a walk on Sunday, however, the sea haar in Dundee in the morning would have led to you rolling over in bed and going back to sleep if you let it! But living in Scotland you learn a number of things:
1. If you wait for good weather to do something you could wait a very long time, so you might as well just go and do it.
2. The weather can be bad where you are, but 5 miles away the sun could be shining.

So, of we set, grey skies and low cloud not detering us to Aberfeldy, a small market town in Perthshire (about 50 miles from home) where we were planning to visit a gallery, have a picnic and walk the Birks of Aberfeldy made famous by Rabbie Burns ode!

By the time we were ready for our picnic the sun was shining and the sky was blue, the table was laden with food (as usual we seemed to have more than really necessary) and we enjoyed a veritable feast. I can't believe that I have lived so close to the Birks of Aberfeldy for so long and have never visited before. It is a beautiful walk, only 2.5 miles but passing through some amazing scenery and providing views over the Perthshire countryside. The lower valley was a mass of wild garlic and the smell was amazing, whilst further up the valley moss and lichen carpeted the ground and coated the trees, and as you reached the upper levels the noise of the water and the force of the falls add yet another dimension.

All in all a beautiful day enjoyed with good friends.


dizzyjadey said...

I hope you're printing all of these lovely photos. They must look real good on photo paper.

risa said...

more nature relief! it looks like a wonderful time.

syko kajsa said...

It looks amazing! Like in a fairytale! Wild garlic! I learn new things everyday...

taimarie said...

Wow, what a lovely spot. I am looking forward to getting out hiking soon too, now that the snow is melting from the mountains. I love looking at the pictures of the landscape around you. Beautiful shots!

julie said...

WOW - it looks amazing - i think days out like this with good friends our fantastic!!!!!
Such a shame we cant do it with blog friends too!
I would love to go to scotland one day.