29 March 2007


I haven't achieved much by way of knitting this week - been a busy week with friends and the weekend is looking busy too! I am hosting my first ever baby shower on Sunday! There will be 8 of us - one of course pregnant! Hopefully I may manage to finish the trousers soon!

Can't go to knitting group this week because it got moved from Wednesday to Thursday this week and I have Italian class on Thursdays!! Oh well, there's always next week!


My friend Andrea and I are famous!! OK - we are nowhere near famous but we do feature on our favourite yarn store's website. Though I must admit that Andrea's endeavours are much more creative than mine!!


taimarie said...

Those cards are beautiful... I love the one with all that trim. And do you really own all those needles? Good luck getting those pants done for the shower!

Miss Frugality said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :-)
Nice yarn pictures! ...and that's a great shop.I've been to a felting workshop there...small world!

samantha said...

So the sheep is pretty cute, but I really love your cards too. Thanks also for visiting my little blog.

jax said...

adorable sheep!!!!!!
love it!

Nora said...

I came here via Poshyarns and just want to say that I love your blog and have added you to my bloglines.