14 June 2014

The Last of Shetland

Our final day in Shetland promised to be dry and sunny (yes, we were really lucky with the weather!). We had toured much of the Mainland (the name given to the largest island in Shetland) but we hadn't yet headed west.

First stop was the Scord of Brouster, where you can see one of Shetland's earliest farms. The farm was in use from about 3000 to 1500 BC. 

The remains of 3 stone dwellings are visible on the site - 2 houses and one outhouse. What a stunning view...

Further along the road to the west we came across some peat cutting...a key source of fuel on the islands. Peat is an accumulation of layers of decaying organic material which take thousands of years to develop. Once cut and dried it makes a great fuel. 

Here's a worked bank of peat!

At the end of the road, on the furthest west coast stands the Jamieson's of Shetland spinning mill....open to all for a good look around and to find out how they turn sheep's wool into yarn. It's an amazing place, with machinery that's over 100 years old and is still working everyday to create yarn.  Definitely worth a visit if you are passing....but then why would you be passing.....the road ends at the end of the world...

But at the end of the world, at the end of the tour, you will come across the most amazing place ever (if you're a knitter that is).....the shop selling every colour of yarn manufactured by  Jamieson's - in both 4-ply and double knit. 

In the village of Huxter next to Sandness, you can walk to a series of old mills that are built on the slope as the burn cascades downhill, bubbling over stones and through 3 horizontal mills built during the Norse period on its way to the sea. 

In the evening my brother and I went to Meal beach for sunset, the waves were amazing crashing onto the shore and there were even seals "surfing". 

 The next morning on our way to the airport we stopped by Sumburgh Head again to see if we could spot some puffins...this time we were rewarded. 

En-route we also came across some Shetland pony foals....most cute.

Shetland is a wonderful place, definitely worth a visit!


Bethany Hissong said...

Wow! The yarn colors! I can't believe how old the mill is and still functioning every day. And the history of the area! It is really beautiful there. I loved the puffins too. They remind me of Maine and now will remind me of Shetland also. I hope I do get to pass by there someday!

ruthsplace said...

Thanks for the amazing photos. Puffins are on my life list of birds I want to see.

I'd love to visit the mill, it looks like a wonderful place to visit.

ibb said...

Really is a place I would love to get lost, looks relaxing. Just wandering and finishing my day between a yarn shop and a great beer near the beach...perfect.
So you would have lots of projects for winter and all those yarn....

Anonymous said...

I've just found you via Thimbleanna. What wonderful photos of your trip - I am so envious of your puffin pictures!!


kiko said...

Hello, sweet friend! It's been a long time! Thanks for popping by my blog to leave a comment. Though I don't seem to blog so much any more, but when I do, your comments make me smile. I think your friendship is something I do value from my blogging journey. I hope you are doing well.