25 March 2014

Dessert Bar - Pudding Heaven

On a recent trip to London my friends and I took a little trip to William Curley's wonderful patissier and chocolate shop near Sloane Square for a little visit to the Dessert Bar.

On a Saturday and Sunday afternoons they host the Dessert Bar - a take on the traditional afternoon tea - not a cake or sandwich in sight - just lots and lots of desserts. Sugar overload it most definitely is.....amazing it most definitely is.....

Sorry the photos aren't that great - the light wasn't that good, but believe me the desserts were amazing.

First up, a white champagne and peach granita - an icy sweet dish that cleansed the palate. Oh and the glass of champagne was an added bonus...

Next came the most delicious chocolate ice cream on a buttery crumble base.

This was followed by a vanilla rice pudding with raspberry compote.

Apple tart tartin with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce was the next mouth-watering course.

The final dessert was the piece-de-la-resistance! Truly a heart stopping (almost literally), a chocolate and orange entremet with orange and vanilla sauce - their take on a jaffa cake....an amazing one at that.

Entremet is french for between courses or simply dessert, marking the end of the serving of courses. In patisserie terms they are a classic French dessert with layers of mousse, cremaux, cake and often a crunch. 

I certainly didn't want to eat anything sweet for at least 24 hours but it was a great experience.


Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, that looks awesome! It sounds like a really fun idea too!

Bethany Hissong said...

I think my teeth hurt just looking at all that dessert! Seriously, it all looks wonderful! Sounds like a fabulous time.