26 March 2013

Chewbacca! My first sewing machine Softie.

The sewing machine has made it's second item in as many weeks after sitting in its box, untouched and unloved for 2 years. Now I am finding that it's a lot of fun, or maybe I've just been making some fun projects.

This weekend I was making a Chewbacca softie. My friend is a huge Star Wars fan and she has a baby on the way so when I saw this pattern over at Draw Pilgrim I couldn't resist. I had to get my friend Laurence to order it for me as I was in the midst of a PayPal incident and couldn't use it - thanks Laurence!

I ordered the brown needlecord from PlushAddict here in the UK, but it is Robert Kaufman cotton corduroy. I couldn't fault PlushAddict. It was the first time I had ever used them, the fabric was ordered at 2pm on Thursday and arrived on Friday morning. I think I may have to order some more camel coloured needlecord.

Here's the first incarnation of Chewie awaiting his stuffing. I used felt to make the facial features as I wanted it to be very safe for a baby. But the first incarnation had some arm issues (i.e. I had failed to sew enough of a seam) so I decided that I needed to make a second Chewie for the baby.

Here's No. 1 finished and No. 2 underway.

No. 1 on his own.

No. 2 finished with his ammunition belt in place. I made the belt using felt (the pattern suggests black ribbon with silver tape stuck on, but I didn't have any ribbon or silver tape) and stitched on small squares of grey felt.

I think it is just as well that I had enough fabric to make 2 as I think I might find it quite hard to give Chewie away.

I have found a few other Chewies online. Behind the Hedgerow made a furry one and Parrish Platz has the wookie, Princess Leia and R2D2....


Bethany Hissong said...

They turned out really great!!! I love him! I live with a bunch of Star Wars fans so I'll have to show everybody. I like that you used corduroy too. Do you have any more characters you are planning on trying? ;)

Anonymous said...

It looks great!! Good thinking with all the felt - especially with the ammo belt. I used tape the first time and it peeled right off...much safer for a little one. And thanks for the link!

Thimbleanna said...

What a fun baby gift Di! Chewy is adorable!!!

lisa s said...

oh my gosh he's GREAT !!!

Isabelle said...

I have never seen Star Wars so have no idea who Chewy is... but he looks cute.

I love the pic of you in your grandmother's wedding dress. My grandmother's didn't survive but she always said she had a 20 inch waist when she got married so I somewhat fear I wouldn't have fitted it! I do have my mum's, 1946 dress, made by a friend using coupons - it is also very tiny and none of us could wear it. Interesting, though!