11 January 2013


I managed some knitting over the Christmas holidays - the weather was so poor over the period (mostly raining) that outdoor activities were minimal, so indoor activities such as knitting took precedence.

I made my first pair of colour-stranded mittens, using a free pattern from Ravelry called Squirrelly Swedish Mittens. It was an easy pattern to follow and make and using the 2 handed stranded knitting technique meant that the yarns didn't get tangled.

I used Rowan Fine Tweed in Askrigg and Buckden. I needed almost 2 fulls balls of Buckden (my background colour) and just over one ball of Askrigg (the pattern colour). It was lovely yarn to knit with and once washed the mittens are very soft and cosy.

There were a few technical hiccups along the way and having mastered the stranded knitting, I obviously relaxed my technique and the second mitten ended up slightly larger than the first, so after some vigorous washing in hot soapy water, I finally had what you could call a "pair" of mittens. Warm, woollie mittens. 


Karen S, Lykkefanten said...

I think they look cute. Fussy, but very warm and cozy. And I always loves squirrels on knitting :)

ibb said...

Happy new year!
And WOW! Lovely mittens and I think you did a great job.
Incredible....easy? not so sure...

Bethany Hissong said...

Wow. I know you said easy, too, but they don't look like it... just tell everyone it was very difficult so that you'll be the only one with them! ;) I think we got your weather here today... I heard you had better weather this week!

Thimbleanna said...

Woolie mittens -- perfect for woolie wanderings. They're beautiful Di! I'm working on my first ever two-handed knitting project and it's so awkward! I'm hoping that I'll get better at it as I go along!

la ninja said...

those look dead professional, di.
I have no patience for knitting (haven't tried as of yet, that is, but only thinking about it makes me itch... so no :) but I totally admire the works.