28 January 2013

Woollie Turns 6!

Today is the 6th anniversary of this blog! 6 years in which I have posted 506 times - some people post that often in a year....I didn't "celebrate" my blog birthday these past 2 years but I never thought when I started this blog that I would still be blogging 6 years on so it felt right to recognise it this year.

So do stop by and say hello! De-lurk if you would, even just once to say hello....help me celebrate the blog being 6. Tell me about your favourite place and perhaps one day I might be able to wander there.

I have had many adventures in the past 6 years, travelled to some great places, tried some new crafts, learned some traditional skills volunteering with the National Trust for Scotland, learnt new crafts and tried to perfect some existing techniques and met some lovely people through blogging. I've taken part in a few giveaways and used my craft to help - think Craft Hope...... here's the dolly I made for the second ever Craft Hope project....why not go and check out Jade's new Craft Hope blog and perhaps take part in the next project...using craft to bring hope all over the world. 

This post about a visit to the NE of Scotland and Crathes Castle has had the most views (according to Blogger) whilst this post about local food and Arbroath Smokies is the second most viewed and I have no idea why.

Unsurprisingly, the posts with giveaways have proved the most popular - the one for my 100th post generated 38 comments......lets see if I can generate as many without a giveaway!

I have enjoyed sharing my travels and keeping track of all my wanderings. Favourite trips have included:




I have loved sharing my craftie goodness and mostly to seeing what all my fellow bloggers are posting to inspire me!

Thank you all for following along! I look forward to being inspired to post and make for a long time to come.


Bethany Hissong said...

Happy Blog Anniversary Di!!! You have definitely taught me so much about the world through your beautiful photography! I always love reading about your trips. And your crafts are always inspiring. It's been a very fun 6 years and it's a real privilege to be invited into your corner of the world! xo

Karen S, Lykkefanten said...

Happy blogiversary! I love following your blog and reading about your travels and expreriences.

A favorite place? But there are so many. But one that certainly sticks to mind is seeing the sunset over the Remarkables in Queenstown NZ. A favorite local place is the cafe "Granny's House" situated near hour home in Søborg.

By the way, it's a very sweet Babuska vest you've knitted and shown in the last post :)

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Blogiversary Di! You and I are almost twinnies - I started blogging just a month before you did (I've been bad about celebrating the last two though.)

As for a favorite place, methinks you wander all over it almost every day - you're living there! In particular, the coast of Fife is a standout!

Here's to many more happy years of blogging!!!

Manoute said...

Happy blog anniversary Di!
I like reading your blog even if I can get the news "live".
Vietnam is one of my favourite place.
I hope you'll ge there one day.
Happy many returns!

ibb said...

Happy anniversary!
I enjoy a lot with all...and love the places you visit...you move a lot ;) And it is a way to enjoy too as I don´t move so much!
Will keep on coming and saying hello ;)

Isabelle said...

Happy Bloggiversary from me too!

Anne Marie said...

Congratulations!!! Imagine, 6 yers already. Where did that time go?!!

I have loved traveling along with you these years and my absolute craft favourite of yours are the wollie blankets. They are both fun and beautiful.

Here's for six new years!

jk said...

Happy blog anniversary! Favorite place? An island off the coast of Maine...