16 February 2012

The House

I've been in my house for 18 months now and I will admit that whilst some progress has been made....it's been slow and I want to get more done!

The kitchen hasn't made much progress in months although I have had the sink unit reinstalled and a door hung - how nice it is to have a kitchen door! 

The hall cupboard no longer has a door (that one was used for the kitchen) so I have had some shelfs installed and created a small coat hanging/shoe storage area. 

I started stripping all the doors so now I have semi stripped doors all over the house! 

Last weekend I bought some new towels and things for the bathroom.....so now I know that I want to paint it grey and white to replace the hideous mustard colour that the previous owner left.

I love the "Chalk Town" pattern from Marks and Spencer so much that I also bought bedding the same!


Thimbleanna said...

I love the look of that closet Di. And that chalk town print is adorable.

It's so funny that you have doors on all of your rooms there. We tend to only have them on bathrooms and bedrooms and laundry rooms. And maybe the occasional office/study. Otherwise we're more open. It can be really noisy though!

ibb said...

I love it too...
Love the floor of the house,so wood!
Take it easy, it will change as you feel more confortable in it.

Arctic Mum said...

Hi, looks like your well doing progress! I love white kitchens ofcourse, we have it too. So smart with the storage space you made. We haven't done anything here since we moved in, and looks like it won't happen in the nearest future either...

Bethany Hissong said...

I love how clean and bright your place is! And Caroline would love your closet baskets! ;) My next place will be more like yours-- natural floors and white walls. I love those towels too!