05 December 2011


It's been a busy couple of weeks, working lots and lots trying to get a funding bid submitted. It finally got submitted last Wednesday (arrived 40 minutes before the deadline). Then this weekend friends arrived from London for 4 nights and that involved trips to Edinburgh and St Andrews, dinner with friends and a trip to the cinema.

Edinburgh at Christmas time always looks magical. The architecture is lit, the trees are sparkling and the German Christmas market is in full swing. 

 Princes Street Gardens
 National Galleries of Scotland

We had hot chocolate, gluwhein and warm pretzels and enjoyed the spirit of the holidays.

On Saturday night we went for dinner with friends - we had raclette followed by mulled wine cake and feuerzangenbowle (red wine, a sugar cone, rum and flames). 

Wandering on the beach at Tentsmuir on Sunday was bracing - blue skies and a chill wind certainly helped to blow the cobwebs away.

 Looks like we were on stilts!

After the walk we headed off to the cinema to see Martin Scorsese's Hugo - I loved it - my friend Karen thought it was a little long - I guess 2 hours for a children's movie is quite long, but it was beautifully shot. I would recommend it! It was a lovely way to pass a cold Sunday afternoon!


Bethany Hissong said...

We had planned to see Hugo yesterday but our plans changed... now I really can't wait to see it! The kids loved the book! I can only imagine how beautiful it is there at Christmastime. You always make me hungry too! I'm glad you finished your project! :)

Thimbleanna said...

How wonderful to spend some time with friends. I would LOVE to see Edinburgh during the holidays -- maybe some day when the children end up having to go to the in-laws, hubby and I could treat ourselves to a Christmas trip! (Although, he just mentioned the other day that on our last trip to the highlands, it was late October and we hit snow and he said that's the most scared he's ever been that we'd end up being stranded and freeze to death before someone found us. The wind whipping across the hills was amazing -- and not in a good way LOL!)

heather said...

oh it does sound like a lovely sunday! my husband and i had a babysitter volunteer a week or so ago and we went to the movies. we almost saw hugo, but ended up seeing the descendents instead as the time jived for us better. so i imaging it'll be a while again before we get to the movies! someday i hope to be in edinburgh for christmastime! wishing you a lovely week, di!

Karen S, Lykkefanten said...

It looks lovely! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas month ;)

Hausfrau said...

Looking forward to seeing Hugo here on Dec. 23!

And guess what? We are flying to Edinburgh this Saturday--will be there for five days! I am so excited--this is our first trip to Scotland.

If there's anything outside of the standard tourist things that you think we should do/see/eat, please let me know!