11 October 2011

Favourite Photos

Along with the new header photo here are a couple of my favourite photos from recent weeks.

I love that the dew settling on the dandelion clock makes it feel so much more substantial than it actually is!

I love the colour of the "blob" of moss like stuff that had formed on the wild rose - I've seen it once before, not sure what it is. My mum thinks an insect lives in it.

Nature is so beautiful, so inspiring and so worth taking a close look at!


Fei An said...

Nature is so beautiful, so inspiring and so worth taking a close look at!

This is so true, dear D!
It is always so enjoyable to see the pictures of your trip to the beautiful places in the world.
Have a nice week!

Thimbleanna said...

Those are really beautiful Di! I noticed your header the other day -- it's gorgeous. And that pink blob thing is stunning!

ibb said...

So beatufil! So nature!

Bethany Hissong said...

Your photos are always so thought provoking and beautiful! I just found my collection of the photos and cards you've sent me over the years... you could really be a professional photographer!

sonoko said...

Those are very amazing!
I have never seen before such a beautiful dandelion.
So precious・・・

replica watches uk said...

These along with your photography are amazing. Is there an trickery (ie photoshop involved?) I have never ever seen anything like this and I live in rural southwest UK where there is a huge amount of beautiful nature surrounding me every where i go, but never ever have I seen anything like this. Where did you come across it?

Di said...

Hi! These are just as they were taken - it was in Northumbria last September - early one morning, in the hedgerows. My mum thinks it's called a moss rose but I am really not sure what it is. But it was certainly beautiful!