08 July 2011


I took an Andy Warhol inspired trip into the world of screen printing at the DCA a week ago on Saturday. This one day class was an introduction to screen printing and a lot of fun. My chosen image was Kermit the frog (they had a pile of images to chose from and my friend Andrea and I both chose Kermit).

We learned about the screen printing process and went through various stages of painting on a non-permeable ink to act as a barrier to the paint, choosing the colours to print with, to create our own image, before the photographic image itself was magically transferred to a screen and printed on top of our work.

According to Wikipedia, the original screen meshes were made with human hair! I am so glad we've moved on to man-made materials.

Kermit's eyes drying!

My 2 colour combinations

The one good print....there was a problem with the transferring of the black and most of the others came out too dark - but I think I will frame this one!


Bethany Hissong said...

I love it!! This is so great Di... screenprinting can be addictive!

Charlie P said...

Fantastic! It may take a lot of patience, but screenprinting is very satisfying indeed :-)

Manoute said...

Fantastic!!! I am going to jump up to your place to see it :oD

Signe said...

Hihi, I love it!
At least one turned out great :)

ibb said...

It is a great work! pity not to find this kind of one day courses here...I will love to learn a bit.

Theresa said...

Umm... I want to buy this! =D Any chance you might at least do a high resolution scan of it and post it online? Ugh I lurve Warhol and the Muppets!!

Theresa said...
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