11 June 2011

Woollie Home

I've been almost a year in my new flat and hmm.....I haven't achieved a great deal - the kitchen is still not finished, the spare room is still more junk receptical than bedroom and there are a few areas in need of some paint......but I have done a few things......

Bought some furniture:

I got this pre-loved Ercol wardrobe at an auction a couple of weeks ago - solid elm and filled with my growing collection of COS clothing (another habit to break!!)

It goes with my coffee table that I bought last year.

My wool has a home in an Ikea Expedit unit with a hint of red..... 4 little drawers full of wool.

My friend went to Japan for 3 weeks - and no I am not the slightest bit jealous ;-) and she left me her tomato plants to look after so I created a little garden in the living room window....not sure that the plants are exactly thriving - but I haven't killed them either!


Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny -- good luck with the tomatoes. And the reason you haven't done as much as you want with your apartment is that you're always out helping others!

sonoko said...

Dear Di
I love your selection of furniture,
especially the nice coffee table!
Thank you for telling me your friend is enjoying in Japan.
Oh,these tomatoes are so happy to be taken care of by kind you.

lykkefanten said...

Love the Ikea thingy with the red drawers! And the tomato garden brings some greenery to the place ;)

Bethany Hissong said...

Your furniture is beautiful! The handles are so unique. I love Ikea shelving... I'll think of you now, every time I see mine! I have no green thumb so I admire you for taking on your friends plants.

Arctic Mum said...

I don't think that's so bad! I will soon be a fellow IKEAer, kitchen on the way.

Manoute said...

Looking good! Beautiful wardrobe.
The tomatoes look very happy to me ;o)

Heidi said...

Only four little cubes of wool? I would have thought a larger stash! LOVE, LOVE the furniture. Can't wait to see more of your place.