22 April 2011

A Weekend in Lille

Lille, northern France, close to the Belgian border. The growth of tourism boosted by the development of the Eurostar station in 1993, with Lille forming the axis between London, Brussels and Paris.

Lille (the Isle, L'Isle in French) is a beautiful city and great for a weekend visit - the perfect size for a weekend of wandering - not the bustle of Paris but with plenty to keep you engaged....from some of the best cake I've ever tasted, to Belgian beer, beautiful architecture (both old and new), museums, great shopping, a modern transport system (the first fully automated underground in the world i.e. no drivers) and World War 1 history surrounds.


Fei An said...

You are good at writing down into words, which I am so lacking...as well. Please keep it up! Happy Easter, dear Di!

heather yalin said...

It looks and sounds beautiful! Isn't it scary riding in a subway without a driver?