27 March 2011

Woollie Weekend

I've had a fabby weekend - spent in the company of many good friends. Saturday I was at a wedding in Edinburgh - it was scary when the best man said of the groom "I first met David 20 years ago".......has it really been that long......then we realised that it was 20 years since 5 of us lived together in Glasgow - a great year of fun and laughter and the cementing of lifelong friendships. The gang includes a friend I met when I was 3, another I met when I was 11 and university friends........partners and children.

I don't usually post photos of friends here without their permission - so sorry - but that's me in my wedding finery. Not the dress I mentioned in my last post, but the other one that I tried on last week - I sent my mum back to Glasgow to buy it for me (and took the stone coloured one back to the shop yesterday). I am happy with the decision - will definitely get a lot of wear out of this dress. As usual, my favourite shop COS came up trumps!

Today I managed a quick trip to Habitat - finally bought a couple of light fittings - haven't had any lightshades since I moved house last August.....now the bedrooms will have lightshades at least - still looking for the living room though - before I headed home to Dundee and an early dinner with friends - Greek style - (Marios parents and sister were visiting) - roast leg of lamb, fava dip - a recipe from Santorini and dolmades made by Marios' mum. Thanks guys!

I was excited having made a trip to Wait*rose on my way home (Edinburgh is the nearest branch of this upmarket supermarket chain) to find giant couscous! I have been trying to find a source of giant couscous ever since I first tasted a salad from Marks & Spen*cer  made with giant couscous, wheatberries and roast butternut squash and wanted to make my own. But giant (often called Lebanese) couscous is hard to find....imagine my delight when I found it in Wait*rose. 


Arctic Mum said...

Hi, you look great with that dress, coctail in your hand and that haircut!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Di -- you look so darn cute and happy! Must've been a wonderful wedding. I don't think I've ever really had couscous ... hmmm ....

Bethany Hissong said...

You look beautiful Diane!!! I love that dress... so classy. And you're making me hungry with all that food! I have to say that just in the last month was the first time I've had wheat berries and fell in love with them. I am searching for good salad recipes right now. I had never heard of giant couscous until you just posted about it!

Anne Marie said...

That dress is beautiful and looks perfect on you! Love your shiny smile.

So nice to read about your exciting life when I am in a phase of keeping my head over the water. You always have so many fun things you do.

Dolmades are one of my favourite greek foods.

Fei An said...

Dear Di, have been busy for a while.
You are always surrounded by families and friends, long time friends. This is so precious. I have been moving around the world so I lost all most all my childhood friend. However, I do have a couple of old friends with whom I have close relationship. And this makes me feel very happy.
Thanks to your warm words to my post. I really appreciate it.
The dress is beautiful and so nice on you. Love your smile, brighten my heart!

Anonymous said...

One should never shy away from getting the thing that fits you! Well done you to go back for the "right" dress (and oh my, it really does look perfect on you).