28 February 2011

Weekend Work

This weekend I was helping my friend Jennifer in her garden.....or in her jungle....in an attempt to ensure that this summer she at least has a garden to sit in! We've spent time the last couple of years trying to tackle the undergrowth and the trees and whilst amazing progress has been made, every year it never seems enough to keep it at bay. So this year, Jennifer organised the troops and we spent 10 hours or so this weekend trying to clear the garden and level it off, so at least she can plant some grass!

The garden as we started....removing endless paths and weeds. We managed to fill the skip by 2pm and then had to start making piles in the corner of the garden again.

The garden when we finished on Saturday (I was back on Sunday as we tried to remove even more rubble and roots). 

The hired help!! OK, whilst it was back-breaking work, we wouldn't have achieved half of what we did, if it wasn't for the micro digger!!


Bethany Hissong said...

I wish you lived nearby and could help us with our yard! This looks wonderful! I'm going to show Craig the digger... he'll be jealous! ;)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- what a job! Looks like it was fun though -- among all the work. And I'll second what Bethany said -- I have a ton of work that will have to be done this spring -- if you just happen to be in the States in April -- I have a guest room ... ;-D

shisomama said...

wow, you are a good, good friend. you must've felt such a huge sense of accomplishment when you guys saw the finished job! and i'm sure it'll also be great when you return to the garden after it's been planted.