04 January 2011

2010 Travel

2010 was, for me, a relatively quiet year for travel (I guess buying a house will do that to you). I managed a couple of trips to London to visit friends, a girls weekend in the Yorkshire Dales, a fabulous week with 9 National Trust friends on Orkney, a work trip to Odense in Denmark, lovely days in Venice and Milan and a few days in Kirkcudbright in SW Scotland with my parents - all in all a good year. I had friends visit from Switzerland (and get stuck due to an volcanic ash cloud) and London which led to a number of days out and about in Scotland.

Travel in 2011 may also be influenced by the location of friends (I guess fitting a kitchen will do that to you) - so perhaps I'll be in London again, perhaps Fermo in Italy, perhaps Lausanne in Switzerland and to see a friend in Amsterdam when she comes for a conference. I may also take a trip to Lille or the South of France (Provence area).


Thimbleanna said...

Wow! It looks like it's been a fabulous year of travel to me! If I had only been to one of those places, I would consider it a great year (gee, do you think I need to get out more LOL?) Happy New Year -- and best wishes for a year of fun travel!

Anne Marie said...

Thank goodness you put in a "relatively" in that sentence. That is not a quiet year for travel in my book :-)

Kaylovesvintage said...

you had some great trips in 2010..I'm sure 2011 will bring some good trips also

sonoko said...

Your life full of travel is so dreamy to me. How wonderful!
I wish I could travel everywhere all over the world like you.
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