04 October 2008

More Woollie Wanderings

Back to my travels to Spain..... after Seville we still had 2 days of walking to do. One day we drove to the Sierra de Grazalema for a hike in the mountains and the other we walked from the Cortijo Rosario through the olive groves and round El Penon (the mountain behind the Cortijo) and ended in the village, Algamitas, where we had a tapas lunch.

Sierra Hike - the Sierra de Grazalema was the first natural park in Andalucia and is famous for its limestone scenery, we hiked through the park after driving up the spectacular Puerto de las Palomas - the Pass of the Doves - the highest road in Spain, with its hairpin bends and views over the village of Zahara de la Sierra with its castle and little white houses, the natural landscape of rocks, Spanish firs, gorse, massive herds of goats with their bells jangling and vultures rising above...the hike was beautiful......we ended in the small village of Benaocaz, which was founded by the Moors in the 8th century, its small Baroque Church built on the site of the former mosque, with the minaret forming part of the tower.

That evening we had a cookery demonstration at the Cortijo, how to make gazpacho, paella and sangria! Of course, afterwards we got to eat it which was fantastic!!


amy said...

i would love to live in that little white house in the top left corner! and i love the idea of taking a cooking class/demo while traveling!

Bethany Hissong said...

Great photos! What is this about a Yurt building course on Facebook?!! You are always doing something interesting!!

monkee maker said...

Oh, your pictures of Spain look gorgeous - that blue sky, those white houses, the lovely view from your villa .... your villa!

The view of Sheldon is pretty good too!

And I've just spent longer than was probably necessary making your fish go crazy .... and possibly over-feeding them. Sorry.


Jade said...

Ah Spain... the one place in Europe I have not been. Sigh*